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Happy 2019 New Year

We wish you a bright new year, just like every year you have
 brightened our lives, thank you!
Happy New Year from the Galvis Group

 Save the Date: JAN. 18th 2019
Now that the holidays are coming to a close, join the Galvis Group this January for a
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The Whole Family is Invited
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What in the world has The Galvis Group been up to? 

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We love what we do and work hard as a team!!!

 Before you or someone you know goes out to consult a broker please remember to keep our team in mind. We are as hands on as it gets. We are committed to getting our clients the best results that the market will bear. The pictures from last months projects are testimony to our discipline and success as a team. 

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10 Rules of Successful Real Estate Investing

1. Educate Yourself
Knowledge is like currency in the real estate market. Go from a “good” investor to a “great” investor by following these 10 rules.

2. Set Investment Goals

Set specific & detailed financial goals. Include the # of properties, annual cash flow they generate, type of property, and the location of each. Set parameters on the rates & returns required.

3. Never Speculate
Invest with long-term gains in mind. Do not chase after appreciation. Only invest in prudent value plays where the #’s make sense from the beginning. 

4. Invest for Cash Flow

Buy investment property with positive cash-flow. Cash-flow is the glue that keeps your investment together. Equity will grow through appreciation and loan amortization while cash-flow covers operating expenses and debt service on your property. 

5. Be Market Agnostic

Become master of recognizing local market trends.There is an element of timing you must consider when choosing a property to invest in. You don’t want to buck the Trend.

6. Take a Top-Down Approach

Always consider investment in light of the market and neighborhood it’s in. Healthy housing markets have low unemployment rates, job growth, population growth etc. 

7. Diversify Across Markets

Once you add several properties to your portfolio, diversify your assets to different economic centers and markets. Diversifying across several states helps reduce your “risk” should one market decline for any reason, including out of state ones.

8. Use Professional Property Management
Your time is valuable and should be spent on your family, your career, and looking for more property. Save yourself the liability and time and hire a professional.

9. Maintain Control

Be a direct investor in real estate. Try to avoid ownership from funds, partnerships, or other paper-based investments where you own share or securities of an entity you don’t control.

10. Leverage Your Investment Capital

Real estate is the only investment where you can borrow other people’s money (OPM) to purchase & control income producing property. Meaning, leverage your investment capital into more property purchases using “all cash” leverage magnifing your overall rate-of-return and accelerates your wealth creation. 

Welcome to Lenders Lane
with Will Price

When it comes to investment properties and lending there’s a few myths that need to be BUSTED!! 

Myth 1: I need a minimum of 20% down

This is not the case at all!! There are programs out there that allow you to buy an investment property with as little as 10% down. While 20% is standard, it’s definitely not the starting point.

Myth 2: A higher the interest rate and apr is bad!

Depending on your situation, a higher interest rate may actually benefit you! As an investor, you potentially have the ability to deduct a greater portion of interest, loan fees, maintenance cost, and expenses associated with an investment property on your taxes! So a higher interest rate will actually give you more of a potential tax deduction which can help you drastically reduce your tax liability. I’m no CPA, so please consult a tax professional for more tax advice.

Whew, I think that’s enough for today ladies and gentlemen. Rates are as low as they’ve been for the last 12 months. It’s a perfect time to buy or refi, call me if you need some guidance, I’ll be here all week!

 Here’s what going on in both Denver and Boulder neighborhoods this month.

Denver Events

Boulder Events
Our Featured Pet of the Month “Bentley”
Meet Bentley.
Bentley is Michelle’s Golden Retriever!  He is as loyal as they come and goes everywhere with Michelle. He loves long walks on the trail, playing with friends, treats, and tons of snuggles!!!

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